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So here’s something interesting! Recent studies have shown that cats may be the cure to HIV. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in the US have been modifying the DNA which flights off an HIV-like virus and the fluorescent jellyfish gene. Together these genes create an ultraviolet glow (when shone with a UV light) in the altered DNA of domestic cats. This method has worked on Macaque monkeys who have resisted the HIV virus since their DNA change. The glow is a result of a protein which is being produced in their tissues, which signifies that the technique works.

Now of course it’s really not alright to be testing on animals, as animal welfare¬†critics have made clear and wish that there was much less testing on animals for research purposes. However, for this particular technique the Mayo researches claim that the cats DNA is being modified without harm through routine spaying. They say that this research will speed up the search for vaccines and treatment for the HIV virus, which has claimed over 30million lives world-wide and will eventually treat the feline HIV virus (FIV virus).

Apparently after 22 attempts, the first cat to successfully have its DNA altered, bore a litter of 5 kittens, 3 survived and 2 went on to have litters of their own, carrying on the modified DNA. All cats were able to fight the FIV virus better than that of a normal domestic cat.

They do look fantastic –

The cats only glow when exposed to a UV light.

Source: Daily Mail