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This site is genius! Check it – Cute Boys With Cats


I thought I’d begin my first post with this delightful blog I was directed to by a friend about 2 years ago.  Now it really only makes complete sense when you have knowledge of the blog it’s copying – The Satorialist. This is a very well put together, very chic, high fashion blog. The author has taken photos of extremely well polished people in very edgy/fashion forward/unique outfits. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about –

On The Street….Urbane & Graffittied, Sodermalm, Stockholm 

On The Street….That Mix, Paris

A Personal Favorite

As you can see each photograph has a caption above them giving a very short description.
Now if we take a look at the copycat blog, we can see quite an amusing take, replacing people with cats – The Catorialist. This blog basically is the cat version of The Satorialist. The author does a very good job of recreating the look and language that the Satorialist uses and discusses their accessories such as collars, coats like one would with actual fashion items. Very witty all together. Here’s some examples of what I’m on about –

On the Street….The Dream Team, NYC

A Gentlemen’s Style

Minow is a longtime friend of mine who I met on the farm on which I grew up. To this day I am impressed with the way he carries himself; he is from an age where cats learned to wear their fur instead of letting their fur wear them. Just look at how effortlessly he pulls off the “paint-dip” look at the end of his tail. A true eccentric.

Window Shopping….Los Angeles, CA

On The Street….Red Heart, Kitti Uomo

I particularly love the detailed shots of the little paws and tail. Nice touch!

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